Team Milk 2021: Cat Osterman (Softball), Maurio McCoy (Skateboarding), Hannah Roberts (BMX Freestyle), Ariel Torres (Karate)

Milk Fuels Champions

Milk has fueled athletes since 776 BC and is still going strong.

You're gonna need milk for that. Ariel Torres (Karate).

Fuel Your Will to Win

Show us how milk fuels your performance and enter the #holdmymilk challenge today.

- Work with a friend to make your TikTok video
- Take a sip of milk
- Hand it off to a friend saying “hold my milk!”
- Do something EPIC
- Tag #holdmymilk

100 Years of Quality and Taste

Here at Lucerne Dairy Farms, we’ve been proudly providing families like yours nourishing, wholesome, farm fresh milk for over one hundred years.

Our family of delicious dairy products also includes a wide variety of butter, cheese, yogurt and ice cream, all with the same attention to quality and great taste you’ve always been able to depend on us for.

Lucerne® milk

Got Milk? built a gym behind the milk section so athletes could be closer to what fuels them.

Milk, the original sports drink.


Why milk?

Milk has protein for muscles, calcium and vitamin D for strong bones, plus B vitamins and electrolytes. It is the ultimate performance fuel.

Is milk a good recovery drink?

Milk has been fueling athletes for centuries and has nutrients athletes need to train hard and perform their best. It is the clear choice for athletes of all ages to fuel athletic performance and to repair, rehydrate and replenish their muscles and bodies.

Got Milk? You're Gonna Need Milk