Andronico's Community Markets is a proud supporter of local, artisan producers and purveyors who have perfected their craft and have a passion for sharing their vision of high quality, sustainable, small-batch, and most importantly--tasty foods. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by dedicated artisans who have made it their goal to educate our community about what it means to "Shop Local" and how it can be beneficial to the environment and to our health. From coffee companies who roast their beans right here in our own backyards to farmers just North of the Golden Gate who practice sustainable farming, we have invited many of these local producers and purveyors to be part of our Andronico's Community Markets family and share with you what it means to "Shop Local".


By buying products from companies close to home we are reducing our carbon foot print on food transportation, eating more seasonally, and increasing awareness on where our foods are sourced. Many products that line the shelves at Andronico's Community Markets represent brands that call Northern California home and we want you to know who they are. Our "Shop Local" motto encourages customers to learn about and to buy products that are made, grown, or raised close to home. So the next time you're shopping in an Andronico's Community Markets, keep an eye out for our "Shop Local" tags and help us support our local brands!

Download the "Shop Local" Informational Brochure