Some of the biggest threats to our ocean ecosystems are overfishing, habitat destruction, pollution, and climate change. Some popular seafood products come from fisheries and farms that are not sustainable. So how can you enjoy seafood while being eco-conscious?

Andronico's Community Markets is proud to announce that we have partnered with FishWise to provide you with the information and tools you need to make educated seafood purchasing decisions that are right for you and your household. Farmed and wild sustainable seafood options do exist and we have committed to sourcing a wide variety of sustainably raised and caught seafood so that you can make selections that are both healthy for you and for our oceans.

FishWise uses scientific criteria to assess whether certain species of seafood are considered sustainable.

  • Is there an abundance of that species?
  • Do they grow and reproduce quickly?
  • Is there little to no damage done to the habitat of the fish with the fishing gear used to catch the fish?
  • Is the fishery well managed?
  • Is the farm well managed?
  • Is there minimal pollution done to the surrounding eco-system during farming?
  • What is being done to prevent disease?
  • What is being done to manage escape by fish in the farm?

These are all questions being asked before determining the FishWise ranking of the seafood.

We have partnered with FishWise to create a new sign package in our seafood cases, which have been updated with color ranking, catch method iconography, species name, country or city of origin, and whether the seafood was farmed or caught wild. This fantastic in-store resource is designed to provide you with key pieces of information so that you can feel confident about your purchase.


Below are printable versions of the FishWise color legend and icon legend, which you may print and use as a reference when you shop with us next. You may also take home information from our stores such as low mercury pocket cards, informational pamphlets, and species information sheets. Your best resource, however, are our fishmongers behind the seafood counter. They have years of experience working with seafood and have received FishWise training, which ensures that our fishmongers are well equipped to answer any questions you may have about what we carry, what the icons mean, and what the color ranking mean. For everything you need to know about FishWise and sustainable seafood click here.